VERY Special Thank You to Niall Greene, Emma Weaver & Adult ADHD NI For Their Very Generous & Kind Words As Well As Mentions!




It is my great pleasure to formally join forces with my fine friends over in Northern Ireland & to be able to collaborate with founder, Niall Greene as well as co-founder, Emma Weaver! I want to thank Niall for being gracious enough to give of his valuable time to engage in what was an extremely productive & thought provoking Skype session earlier. To totally para-phrase on something Niall said, “bringing in different people brings new ideas & new objectives”. I completely agree & after our discourse today & all the great ideas Niall has set up for 2016, there is only room for growth & for the further promotion of awareness on ADHD; to further educate people, help them, & to make resources available, all while giving it the necessary dose of levity & fun & focusing on the positive traits innately within us.


I also want to thank Niall & Emma for their extremely generous & kind words & for their wonderful mentions. I was truly touched & am more excited than ever to have my ADHD brothers & sisters from across the pond as part of the Tribal Dynamic family, & I a part of the Adult ADHD NI family…..if a little bit far away, lol.  But what’s a few thousand miles of ocean between friends!?!?

I again encourage you to visit Niall’s blog which is superb & offers all sorts of advice & really educates you on the ins & outs of ADHD. I also encourage you to read the debut of my first blog post as Niall’s guest-blogger on his page & hope that you find it interesting, helpful, thoughtful & inspiring. Please check out all of Niall’s past posts as well as they are immensely helpful. The link to his page is as follows:

I also encourage you once again to visit Adult ADHD NI’s pages to read up on all the excellent articles, resource materials & other items of interest that are truly beneficial. Our members of the ADHD Tribe/Family are truly fortunate to have these dedicated individuals trying to help people one by one. Kudos to Niall, Emma & everyone else. The links to their other pages are as follows:

Thank you once again Niall & Emma for this wonderful opportunity to work together & to further connect our amazing & dynamic TRIBAL of a family from both sides of the Atlantic!

– Mauro Bagnariol