Tribal Dynamic Wishes To Convey Its Deepest Condolences To Those Affected In Orlando’s Tragic Attack


    On behalf of all of us at Tribal Dynamic, we wish to extend our deepest sympathies and condolences to all of the victims affected at the Pulse Nightclub in Orlando, Florida as well as to the friends and next of kin. These horrible events hit particularly hard as they have occurred in our home state of Florida.

    The shooter – whose name will not be repeated in order to deny the notoriety and publicity sought – was inspired by ISIS and enacted the largest mass shooting in US history, specifically targeting the LGBT community.

    While the LGBT community was the intended target, we’d like to echo the sentiments of many others, such as Republican senator Marco Rubio and Pam Bondi, Florida’s Attorney General in that this is not just an attack on the LGBT community, but an attack on all Americans, and that we, as a nation, will not cower or bend to the likes of ISIS and its ilk who seek to make all Americans fearful and to turn inward rather than outward. Make no mistake in that this goal has already failed miserably, seeing the outpouring of unified support among all Americans of every stripe as well as shows of solidarity from across the world.

    We continue to be a strong, resilient nation and cowardly attacks such as these by cowardly individuals only strengthens our resolve. Orlando and its people can continue to count on the support of the local community as well as the rest of America in the following days and weeks. Once again, our deepest condolences from all of us at the Tribal Dynamic family. If you would like to donate blood or support in any other way, please contact 1-407-228-1446 as well as for information on those who may need counseling and someone to talk to. Thank you all and much love from the Pack.