Those In Our ADHD Tribe That Are Consummate Goof-balls & The Life Of The Party; Introducing Ryan Gosling!



(Credits to NBC Universal)

Our ADHD family is wide & varied, but as this past Saturday featured none other than Ryan Gosling as the guest host, & as he is part of our ADHD family, specifically the kind that is always witty, funny, & makes everyone around them laugh, it is only apropos to feature Ryan as the next person who used his ADHD to achieve great success & fame & overcome adversity. The above SNL skit shows all too perfectly what a consummate goof-ball Ryan is as he’s barely able to keep it together, lol.

Born a Canadian, Ryan was the son of a traveling salesman which meant moving around constantly. In the end due to family troubles, he ended up being raised by his mother & sister. This had an effect on his upbringing as he did not learn to read until much later than his peers. Also, and in the spirit of the mischievous, restless ADHD type Ryan embodies, he would take knives to school & would play with them, imitating his favorite movie “Rambo” by throwing said knives at other kids! From this, you can see what a handful an ADHD child can be. I’ve been told countless stories of what I would do as an ADHD kid myself. Two that come to mind are the following: Once, I, in my insatiable curiosity decided to take apart the top portion of the toilet tank of my nursery school because I was fascinated on how the parts & mechanisms inside worked. I ended up COMPLETELY dismantling everything & the valves & parts all had to be replaced. A good spanking is what I got later that day after the teacher frantically called my mother saying what I had done, lol. The other is when I was older, around 11-12, & I found a snake, put it into a plastic tank & excitedly went to my father who was showering & exuberantly showed him my new pet, lol. My dad, I did not know has a semi-phobia of snakes, so after setting it free, I also got a good spanking that day, lol. Such are the stories the goof-ball ADHD Tribe members create.

But back to Ryan! Ryan admired Marlon Brando along with Rambo, but his time at school was filled with other kids picking on him & having no real friends. Life did a total turnaround when he went to Montreal, auditioned for The Mickey Mouse Club & was inducted! Later, he moved to Orlando where he was adopted by none other than Justin Timberlake’s mother! Talk about a twist in fate! It was at this point that he, in essence became the Ryan Gosling we know; he learned to read, act, perform, focus, concentrate & do all the things he hadn’t been able to do prior, all thanks to the support & help of the people around him as well as his determination.

Present date, Ryan Gosling is a renowned & accomplished actor & has many movies under his belt. His talent & creativity once again attest that members of our ADHD Tribe can harness their own talents & do just about ANYTHING. Along with Lisa Ling, whom I identify with because of her drive to pursue a story & “get the scoop” & not letting things stop her from achieving her goals, I identify a lot with Ryan because I was just like him at a young age; the consummate ADHD goof-ball who was always getting into trouble at school because of my insatiable curiosity & cheekiness. Kudos to Ryan for all of his success & for being another great representative of our amazing ADHD Tribe! – Mauro Bagnariol