Treatment Options for ADHD: How Adderall is effective in alleviating symptoms & helping to focus


Hello my dear Pack People/Tribespeople,

Presented to you is a clip from our dear friends at BuzzFeed explaining how one of the many treatment options helps to alleviate ADHD symptoms. In this case, it is Adderall; a stimulant medication in the same class as Ritalin, Concerta, Vyvanse, as well as others. These mentioned being among the most popular. Stimulant medication has a very high success rate, especially when combined with cognitive-behavioral therapy and has led to many a student and adult living their bright, creative ADHD selves while tempering the areas of their ADHD that encompasses lack of focus, impulsivity, restlessness, etc.

Some people opt to not use medication and instead, go to more holistic routes and choose natural supplements, such as Omega-3 Fish Oils, which have been found to be excellent in helping focus and concentration. Diet is immensely important and eating healthy and exercising is the most natural way to cleanse the body and brain of the toxins found present everyday in our lives.

There are a wide variety of options available to use in order to reign in the areas of ADHD which sometimes needs taming! These we will explore in future posts. In the meantime, happy reading and viewing fellow Pack People! – Mauro