Routines, Time Management and a Healthy Lifestyle: The Three Mainstays to Achieving Balance



Howdy once again my fellow Tribe members! I had to do a double-take when I saw we were already in February of this year. Where has the time gone!? Now that we’re well into this new year, I wanted to touch upon three things that are vital to maintaining one’s sanity and allowing for a much smoother workflow and overall balance in your lives: Keeping to a routine(s), making wise use of time management, and also eating healthy and exercising are a must for those in our Tribe.

Everyone has their own “system” or “method” of keeping things in order; there’s no one-size-fits-all model, but that being said, there are fundamental guidelines – like the ones presented above – you can follow to not let the little things turn into insurmountable big things and to minimize forgetfulness, improve punctuality, and help with prioritizing.

As the gentleman in the above clip artfully puts, a key component of performing at your peak is to identify the times throughout the day where you function at your best. Some are total morning people, as he himself alludes, others (probably the majority, lol), not so much. It’s all a matter of juggling around the tasks you know require heavier lifting to those times of the day where your internal locomotive is running at full speed and shifting the less weighty stuff to the downtime hours of your day. I, personally have two distinct hours phases in the day where my inner Ferrari is running at full speed: The early-mid afternoon and at night.

During the early-mid afternoon period, my head is popping with ideas and I can brainstorm like the best of them. It’s when I would routinely do my best at work and also have great brainstorming sessions with my peers when I was at Florida International University. Knowing this window of my day was one of my most productive, I always tried to leave the “heavy stuff” for that time. As we speak, I’m penning this in the mid-afternoon part of my day, lol. I am a consummate night owl. Always have been all of my life, and I also use this time of the day to do my best thinking, crank out the best material or ideas and really operate at a great pace. MANY a paper or essay was written during my night owl study sessions and the resulting A’s were proof that I utilized my time management wisely.

So yep! The above areas of the day are when I am in tip-top form. Like I said, not everyone is the same, so you just have to find the times that are best to channel and push through your strong suits and transform that into unbridled productivity.

The other component to making time management work best for you is finding a method or routine where you’ll always have your things ready and in order and not be frantically racing around trying to get your things together, literally and figuratively speaking. Me, being a total tech guy and nerd, I utilize the Calendar app on my iPhone and the Notes app is also a life saver; Siri comes in as a backup when I need her, lol. These three seemingly simple items have dramatically improved how I manage appointments, things that need to be done, important dates, etc. Some people are post-it note type individuals and that works great for them. I’ve found that the trifecta mentioned works wonders for me, so it’s how I stay on track with the million and one things I have to do.

Keeping a routine is also important because it trains your brain to follow a set pattern and that, then, carries over into all other areas of your life. You become more consistent in how you do other tasks and how you do work or collaborate with other people. Identify which time management hours and areas work best for you and implement a successful routine and I promise you will see radical results, and in turn, a much smoother and stress-free life for yourself.

Exercise is also one of the most important things to feeling good and being physically, emotionally and mentally in shape. Some people are gym rats, and that’s great! Others follow the yoga or pilates path to let out their accumulated stress. My personal exercise routine which is an absolute must and part of my daily routine is 2 hours of cardio listening to a comedy podcast I’ve been a subscriber of since 2004. Those 2 hours are my “me time” and the world temporarily shuts out and I’m left a brand new man post workout.  The best part about my cardio routine is the “cost” of my “membership fee”.  You see, I workout in a local park, and being surrounded by nature for free is really a priceless added bonus.

Along with exercise comes a balanced diet. For people in our ADHD Tribe, eating nuts, berries, plenty of fruits and veggies and taking supplements with vitamins B and D is vitally important. Omega 3 fish oils are also key and studies have been done demonstrating that these aid in improving focus and concentration.

So, with all this in mind my fellow Pack People/Tribe Members, find YOUR time management hours/areas, routine(s), a healthy diet and exercise regimen of your choice, and I once again promise you the rest of your month and year will be greatly rewarded by the effort you’ve put in! Until next time folks! – Mauro Bagnariol