On The Cusp Of Entering 2016, Here’s Some Food For Thought On The Best Jobs & Tasks For People In Our Tribe



2015 grows ever shorter, & we practically have almost two feet planted into 2016 more than in 2015! This means a lot of changes for all of us in the New Year; new jobs, hobbies, tasks, endeavors. As the year winds itself down, I wanted to share with you this rather interesting clip discussing the best jobs & tasks for people in our Tribe.

Every member of the ADHD Tribe is unique in how their brain is wired,  so where one person is superior at a task, someone else might falter a bit. Really, the best part of the above video is that the basic premise is ridiculously simple: Find something you like & stick to it! It pretty much boils down to this.

I know people who, with their ability to hyper focus, are amazingly adept at tasks others might find tedious. One such example is attention to detail. Things that might escape the ordinary eye are quickly caught by an astute & focused ADHD person because their mind & interests are hardwired to think that way. A perfect example of this is someone who works in the field of forensics. Hours spent in a lab or scene of a crime are second-nature to someone whose hobby or passion entails this line of work.

Other people in our Tribe are more cerebral & love to hyper focus & delve into books & topics others find utterly boring. In my case, I am a total wonk when it comes to anything related to current events, International Relations or Political Science. I can spend hours on end digesting any & all material pertaining to that. Same goes for anything related to Astronomy or Cosmology. (Cosmos being an EXCELLENT series for those also loving the aforementioned fields).

The amount of diversity that exists within our ADHD family truly knows no bounds. That’s why it’s so important to harness & channel that raw energy & transform it into something that will not only satisfy you & keep you mentally & emotionally stimulated, but also potentially & oftentimes be something transformative & beneficial to others around you. This is why I keep going back to the theme that our innate ADHD is a gift.

So for 2016 my fellow Pack People, I wholeheartedly encourage you all to focus on whatever New Year’s Resolutions you might have, but in particular, find those that suit you perfectly so you can far & away excel. If it’s a new job, hobby, personal change, etc, whatever the case may be, stick to the theorem of “finding something you’re good at & sticking to it”. I’ve no doubt you’ll have ALL the success in the world. – Mauro Bagnariol