Omega 3 Fish Oils & How They Indeed Can Be Another Tool In Our Arsenal


It’s been mentioned before how important a good diet along with taking proper vitamins & supplements leads not only to a healthier, better, more fit & better feeling you, but also helps tremendously in dealing with the aspects of ADHD that lead us to distraction, not focus, etc.

The good people at “New Life Outlook” have released an article talking about how important Omega 3 Fatty Acids are to those in our Tribe for optimal mental performance, sharpening our attention & focus, as well as performing at our peak mentally, making our day to day tasks easier & less of trial.

I have discussed before the merits of the importance of diet, supplements & a healthy lifestyle to aid in the treatment of ADHD & will continue to regularly post similar articles to remind and reinforce the importance of adopting these healthy & immensely helpful habits. Please read this fascinating article & pass the word along! – Mauro Bagnariol