I’d Like To Welcome Some Other Wonderful Members To The Tribal Dynamic Family Who Are Doing GREAT Work In Raising Awareness & Helping Others Inside The ADHD Family: Niall Greene & Emma Weaver!


In what seems like the blink of an eye, we’re now officially in December; Thanksgiving is past us, & we have exactly 31 days until 2016 arrives. To say 2015 has flown by way too quick is an understatement.

I mentioned before that it’s never too late in the year to hit the “reset button”, as I call it, or to embark on new projects, meet new people, or just make change(s) in your life to move in a new direction. In the spirit of meeting new people, I’m very happy to introduce you all to Niall Greene & Emma Weaver, both founders of Adult ADHD NI, located in Ireland.

Niall, Emma & the other members of this organization make it their goal to raise awareness on adult ADHD, provide information & resources, & to make available whatever help someone in our Tribe might need. Truly laudable work & it’s very encouraging to see Niall & his team do all that they do in order to make members of the ADHD family feel at home & included.

I invite you to please visit their Niall’s personal blog where he shares his wisdom, advice & commentary for all of us in the ADHD Tribe. His blurbs are an encouragement to myself & I’m sure they will be to all of you as well. Niall’s blog can be found below:


Also very worth visiting is the Adult ADHD NI Facebook page, whose link I will post below:


Lastly, I want to share with you all the website to this organization where you can also learn more & gather additional resources & information.


It is extremely heartening to see that our Tribe is interconnected in this manner & I sincerely & very warmly welcome Niall & his founders & I applaud all that they are doing! Our ADHD Tribe is truly global & as mentioned, it is us that make society interesting; it is us that gives it the spark of genius & talent. Welcome aboard Niall, Emma & company! – Mauro Bagnariol