I’d Like All Of The Tribal Dynamic Family To Meet a Very Special Person, Jen Gentile


JenScarf             Jen and Family

Happy Monday to all of my wonderful Tribal/Pack People. Today, I wanted all of you to meet a very special person, Mrs. Jen Gentile & I wanted to share her story with you all on her personal journey with ADHD as well as those of her children.

Jen is a full-time mother, wife, and all the while helping others ceaselessly.  In addition to all her full-time duties, Jen is an ADHD-Coach & a Special Needs Therapist. She is self-less, giving person that strives to make the world & those in it much more positive.

On top of her daily routine, described above, she is a tremendous mother to 2 wonderful little boys, the oldest of whom is living w/ ADHD & Jen does everything in her power to make sure her little boy receives the proper attention, nurturing & care he deserves to grow up to live up to his fullest potential. She is to be lauded & commended because people like her exist as an example to other mothers or fathers or care-takers who also live with & manage their ADHD. It is VERY important to not see it through a glass-half-empty perspective, but to see our ADHD as tools we can harness to better ourselves, our families & those around us, just as Jen is doing through all her work.

I invite you all to follow Jen’s amazing story on her site, which is:


Jen is truly an extraordinary individual & embodies all that Tribal Dynamic stands for. Thank you Jen Gentile for all the work you do & for raising 2 beautiful little boys & for the love and care you give them to ensure they live up to their fullest potential! Your family is lucky to have you as their mom!

-Your Pack Leader, Mauro Bagnariol