How Getting a Grapple On Your ADHD Can Tangibly Change Everything



Hello once again to my fellow Pack People! We’re two weeks into the first month of the New Year, & in this time, I hope everyone’s settled into the post-holiday mindset & hit the ground with their feet running. No slouching or going off on too many tangents now!

I came across the above video not too long ago & while humorous, it explains in a very basic & easy to understand way how the ADHD Tribe’s mind works & how we go about the world as a result. I really like the metaphor of the “director” & how it applies to our executive functions. I had a chat with a colleague of mine who was recently diagnosed with ADHD after suspecting for many years they had this gift. The story told to me ran very parallel to my own when I was diagnosed years ago;  how there was always a pattern of thinking outside-the-box, figuring out solutions to things differently from others (i.e., the non-linear approach talked about before), & just knowing that their intelligence & bursts of inspiration didn’t 100% come to fruition most of the time because “something” wasn’t letting them.

That almost magical moment when you’re told what that “something” is can be me a moment of enlightenment, an “ah ha!” moment. My colleague told me they literally cried after so many years of knowing they had all this raw, untapped potential & finally it had a name & in fact proved to be a boon going forward in life. I can attest to this by having the privilege of being this person’s friend & having the privilege of having had them as a team member on a group project; allowing me to see the brilliance that was their mind. During one of my toughest classes at FIU, this person was in charge of making & editing a video where we had to do a comparative study between the political system of the United States & that of Great Britain. We were literally the 1st group to present for the semester, & the resulting video from my colleague’s mind literally set the bar for all of the other groups that had to present for the rest of the semester. This professor was tough-as-nails, & was blown away by what was produced, to say nothing about my reaction. To this day I compliment this person & thank them for absolutely nailing it & having the rest of the class hate us for setting the bar so high for them too, lol.

Now do you see what I say about this being a gift, that when channeled & harnessed in the right direction, separates us from our linear brothers & sisters & helps them  see the world through what I call “ADHD Colored Glasses”; a world where going from A to Z has many other paths that make it all the more interesting & exciting & oftentimes (as I just said above) leads to the most brilliant & unique results?

We both remain friends to this day, long after that tough-as-nails professor gave us an A for our presentation & as our overall class grade, & I am still happy & honored to call this fellow member of the Tribe my friend, peer, & colleague I look up to.  The recent diagnosis will only further serve to channel that talent & spark of genius I saw 5 years ago for the above mentioned class we were in & this person has a very bright future in store for them. Kudos, & a job very well done.

A doctor I know well, a person of immense knowledge, compassion & intellect said that “once all the right things start happening, it’s like a positive feedback loop & it makes everything else in your life work & you feel great”. I could’t agree more, & my friend’s story serves as one example; there’s countless more of you that are reading this & thinking & feeling the same. Get a grapple on your gift & put it to work for you & then those around you, & you’ll see how everything will become one, giant positive feedback look! That’s a wrap for now! Until next time my fellow Tribespeople! – Mauro Bagnariol