History of ADHD

Society, as a whole, is set up in such a way where a person is expected to complete a task or function in a pretty linear manner; getting from point A to point B. The majority of society falls inside this category and these people are able to function within the confines of that linear society and do so successfully.

Then there are those of us inside the tribe.

We function in a distinctly non-linear manner. We don’t necessarily play by the rules of the game all the time, and for us, this is a boon and a blessing. Living life in a non-linear, think-outside-the-box sort of way enables us to think up ways to creatively solve problems the way our non ADHD brothers and sisters cannot. Throughout history, how many people in our tribe were thought of as “dreaming too big” or our ideas scoffed at as not being feasible or mainstream enough. Just think of Einstein and his Theory of General Relativity, which was met with skepticism at best when first proposed. Present date, these ideas are a mainstay within the scientific community and ironically are now mainstream.

This is but one example of a genius who was given the gift of ADHD upon birth. While overcoming many of the things that make ADHD a double-edged sword, Einstein flipped the sword around to his favor and contributed immensely to the scientific community and to all of society as a whole; thanks to the creativity, spontaneity, perseverance and ingenuity that are all hallmarks of our pack.

Maybe you’ve heard of the “Hunter vs Farmer Theory”? This is an idea put forth that before us humans became an agricultural society, we were hunters in the literal sense and had to seek out our prey for sustenance and survival. Having later moved into an agricultural society and in modern times, into a more structural and linear society, the traits of the “hunter”, hyper-focusing, creativity, impulsiveness, etc, all the hallmarks of our pack and tribe still survive in a subset of society. This is us, members of the ADHD tribe and pack. We live in a world where the rules are now seemingly skewed against us, but that isn’t necessarily so. As Einstein did, we can live in a linear, A to B structured world but go about it using the inherent gifts that made our hunter forebears be successful and survive and which allow our modern ADHD brothers and sisters to also thrive and go above and beyond what’s thought possible.

This isn’t limited to just famous scientists, sculptors, artists or people of notoriety. The working day mom, student, employee, brother, sister, cousin, spouse etc, they all possess these talents and while maybe not showcasing these abilities in a more dramatic fashion, such as Einstein, they utilize the blessings that ADHD bestows and are the life of the party for their particular family unit; they are working in some far-flung part of the world, using that endless ingenuity and creativity to better disadvantaged people’s lives as part of a Non-Governmental Organization in Africa or the Americas or Asia. Our penchant for kindness and empathy also goes hand-in-hand with the creativity and outside-the-box thinking which characterizes our pack. Whether on the big stage or small; whether on the macro or micro level, all throughout history, this subset of individuals born with this gift have lent toward the betterment of civilization and society on every imaginable level. This was true thousands of years ago, true now in the modern era, and will continue to be our narrative well into the future. It is not hyperbole to say that our pack is part of the glue that keeps all of us together.