Happy Birthday To Our Group Founder, Mauro Bagnariol!!!!!!!


aboutMauro1aboutMauro3Howdy fellow Pack/Tribespeople!!!!!! I hope everyone is having an amazing weekend & taking much needed time off work & other duties to spend time with loved ones or just sit at home and relax, watching some Netflix, lol.

October 24th is the birthday of Tribal Dynamic’s founder, your beloved Pack Leader, Mauro Bagnariol, so we wanted to take a second to wish him a VERY happy birthday & to thank him for all the incredibly hard work he’s put forth in setting Tribal Dynamic up as a forum to help & connect other people with ADHD.

As an International Relations & Political Science major from his alma mater, FIU, Mauro not only juggles keeping up with the constant stream of current events on a never-ending basis to stay informed, but also dedicates an enormous amount of time to this site, its sister sites & helping anyone that comes to him individually with any questions, problems or concerns regarding ADHD or anything really.

So for this weekend Mauro, take some MUCH earned time off to enjoy your birthday with your loved ones and then it’s back to business as usual on Monday, lol.

HAPPY BIRTHDAY MAURO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ALL THE BEST TO YOU IN 2016!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!