From All Of Us In The Tribal Dynamic Family, We Want To Thank You From The Bottom Of Our Hearts & Wish You a VERY Happy New Year!!!!!!



Hello to all of you in the Tribal Dynamic family & beyond! As the day before New Year’s Eve is upon us, I just wanted to make the last blog post of 2015 a HUGE THANK YOU to all of you from the bottom of my heart for the warm reception received, kind messages, words of encouragement, & all of your support since this project began mid- 2015, whose purpose is to be an open forum, a place for EVERYONE in our GRAND ADHD family to feel welcome & at home at, & for ADHD allies to also have a spot where they can better learn about everything which makes people in our Tribe wonderful.

In just a few short months, I’ve received scores of e-mails & messages from mothers, adults, & people from all walks of life asking questions on ADHD & thanking me for giving them encouragement & support through my humble blurbs on my posts. In reality, I am truly thankful to all of you that have reached out because it makes the mission of this project that more salient & makes me realize in whatever small way, I am helping others or pointing them in the right direction so that they feel as part of our ADHD community & family & not alone, adrift & as if no one understands them. All of this makes me feel more than happy in having undertaken this project & creating Tribal Dynamic so everyone can feel they have a place to call home.

I’ve had people who just wanted to vent, mothers asking for advice on what to do with their children as far as accommodations in school, advice on medication & cognitive-behavioral therapy & much more. As mentioned, I am humbled to have been the point-of-contact for these people & to have helped them in whatever way I could. Thank YOU for making the mission statement of Tribal Dynamic a reality.

I want to close by saying even MORE things are in store for 2016; there’s only room for upward growth, & that 2016 will bring it more awareness for ADHD, more help & resources, more good news & 2016 will be the best year yet for all of us in our ADHD Tribe.

A very special thanks also to Niall Greene & Emma Watson, my Irish friends over at Adult ADHD NI in Northern Ireland for their help & kindness & allowing Tribal Dynamic to be a part of the fine work they do in raising awareness for ADHD & helping others. Please check out their fine work on their organization’s website which is:

Also please check out Niall’s wonderful blog at the link below  & follow him on Twitter at @NiallGreene01

Happy New Year to ALL of you from the Tribal Dynamic family & we’ll touch base again very soon in 2016!!!!! May the next year be your best EVER!!!!!!! – Mauro Bagnariol