Famous People

The list of famous people belonging to our tribe is pretty impressive. Michael Phelps, prolific Olympian and winner of no less than 22 medals. Ty Pennington, whose gift of ADHD has enabled him to help countless other people on Extreme Home Makeover and other projects. Adam Levine, member of Maroon 5, Howie Mandel, game show host, Woody Harrelson, Ryan Gosling, Jim Carrey. Sir Richard Branson, billionaire and philanthropist and owner of Virgin Airways. Coaches in the NFL, NFL players, inventors, artists, etc. our tribe has contributed enormously to every field and profession one can name.

Our tribe is home to some of the keenest scientific minds out there. Albert Einstein, whose work in the fields of Astronomy and Cosmology are as relevant and genius today as they were when first proposed. Want to credit the inventor of the first phone ever that eventually led to that iPhone you’re holding in your hand? That credit would go to one Alexander Graham Bell. Thomas Edison, Benjamin Franklin, the list goes on. Just think how different our lives would be if all this collective genius and talent would not have been allowed to flourish?

And the list is far from being finished.

Just think one day YOU could be one of the mentioned, or a son, niece, nephew, cousin, friend, spouse could be someone from the tribe who leaves their mark on society and on history. These are but some of the people from our tribe that have benefited the world in immeasurable ways.

Our story is just beginning .