As We Enter The Last Week of October, I Once Again Want To Bring The Focus to This Month Being ADHD Global Awareness Month

ADHD Awareness Month
ADHD Awareness Month

Happy Sunday to all of my fellow Pack/Tribespeople! As crazy as it sounds, we’re entering into the last phase of October & about to begin a new month. Where oh where has the time gone this month, let alone this year? Blink, and it’ll be Thanksgiving, Black Friday & the Holiday season will be upon us.

As we enter the last week of October, I once again want to reiterate that October is Global ADHD Awareness Month & it bears repeating all of the people with ADHD, their stories & focus on the grandiosity & best aspects that this gift gives us. I think sometimes people (and rightly so based on personal experience) focus on the “negatives”; inability of focus; hyperactivity; inattentiveness; being flighty, etc.

I found this article from & inside the stories section, found this article which I thought crystallized perfectly what I mean on focusing on the traits and abilities that ADHD gives us. I’ve given you all the link, but will also re-port the story this individual wrote for all of you here:

“ADHD is a gift that I am grateful for…
OCTOBER 9, 2014
I have an amazing physician who told me it was very important for me to understand that having ADHD is not a death sentence or a “disability” but a gift. I’m in healthcare management & he also told me when I was interviewing potential new employees, to look for qualities of myself. I looked at him like he was crazy b/c I look at myself as a nightmare most of the time who’s all over the place. He said, “No, people like you will be your best employees. If you can overlook their problems with being late or other little ADHD idiosyncrasies, they’ll be the most creative, hardest working, & most productive employees you will have.” Having ADHD can definitely be frustrating at times, but I think it’s important for people to know the awesomeness of an ADHD mind too. The older I get, the more grateful I am for it b/c it gives me this ability to REALLY think outside the box that so many others can’t do. Sure my peers & my staff may look at me sometimes wondering what planet I’m living on or wondering how my mind comes up with some of the things I come up with, but I just joke back & tell them they’re boring.

– Anonymous”

I really couldn’t have articulated this better myself. This person, who chose to remain anonymous was able to self-reflect & see that they possess qualities, non-linear & otherwise which differentiate them from his/her other co-workers & peers & whose abilities allow them to troubleshoot & problem solve in a way others cannot. Bravo to them for seeing & embracing the gift that they were blessed with.

So, as October begins to come to an end, I encourage all of you to do the same, to focus as this person has on what makes us special & different & to also focus on our ability to be extra empathetic to pay-it-forward & do little & big things to make everyone’s life around you a little better. Like I said in a previous post, you never know how much the favor or gesture you did for another, which might be seemingly small actually means the absolute world to that person. Be well my fellow Pack People! Much love to all of you!

– Mauro Bagnariol