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Friday, November 24, 2017
Mauro Bagnariol L G 2
Mauro Graduation Pic Dad and Grandpa

“A riddle, wrapped in a mystery, inside an enigma.

~ Winston Churchill”

Was your childhood defined as one where excessive curiosity mixed with impulsivity and an inability to focus meant frequent trips to the principal’s office? Was it also defined as one where teachers, peers and other people marveled at your ability to think outside the box and applauded your level of creativity while alternately shaking their heads and wondering why you couldn’t channel all that talent and apply it to schoolwork or other tasks in order to excel? Such was the case with me. How many times did I lose count being told this by numerous individuals growing up? How confusing was it being told I had the potential to be an A student but kept performing as a C student instead. Everything began to make sense when I was diagnosed as having ADHD. At last, this thing had a name! How to tame it though? How to turn it less into a double-edged sword and instead, into a tool I could wield to tackle any challenge headfirst?

Well, I did just that! I turned what maybe others see as a negative into a very constructive positive and used this endless pool of curiosity and talent to excel academically as well as in every other facet of my personal life.

Being part of the ADHD tribe puts me and all of you in the same category of people as Adam Levine, Lisa Ling, Justin Timberlake, Michael Phelps, Ty Pennington, Solange Knowles (queen Bae’s sister!), and countless other scientists, artists and geniuses who looked at the world differently than the average person. That’s our gift. That’s what gives us our outside-the-box quality. It’s that ability to think creatively and differently that enabled me to ultimately graduate from Florida International University with my BA in International Relations and Political Science with Honors and to live up to the potential all of those teachers in the past told me I had inside of me. The adventurer in me also channeled all of this energy into seeing much of the globe and this broadening of horizons has been endlessly beneficial to me. Every single one of you can do as much if not more than all the people in our tribe I listed above.

I welcome you all to a little safe haven where people of our tribe can mingle, have a chat and get to know each other a little better. I encourage and invite you all to make yourselves at home and share your individual stories and how being part of the ADHD tribe has shaped your lives. Stay awhile, take your coats off and feel at ease, because you’re home now. Welcome back to your pack fellow tribespeople.

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