A Deeper Look Into The Lives Of Those Individuals With ADHD Who Have Gone On To Do Remarkable Things



A large part of November is for all of us to look back on & be thankful for the blessings in our lives. It’s often said you have so much more to be thankful for than not, and this is so true. Many times, when we get into a self-defeatist type mindset, we especially have to remind ourselves of ALL the good present in our lives & that what we consider bad is really minuscule, comparatively speaking.

I’ve thus decided to use November & December, as the holidays swirl around us to write about individuals from all walks of life who have been born with ADHD & how it has allowed them to utilize it as a tool to help them achieve stardom or follow-through on scientific accomplishments of great significance. As I’ve always said, this gift that allows us to think-out-side-the-box is what has driven artistic growth throughout history, made that scientific discovery which later benefits millions of our fellow citizens possible, as well as a myriad of other things, large & small which make everyone’s live’s better & which shapes the advancement of the world in every category imaginable.

In this post, I want to talk focus on Adam Levine. He is the Lead Singer for Maroon 5, & as Adam talks about in the above video, he faced many of the challenges we also did. Rather than throwing in the towel & giving up, Adam became a prolific recording artist & on top of being the Lead Singer for Maroon 5, has been on numerous other programs, such as “The Voice” as a coach & mentor & Adam has lent his considerable talents to taking up cause of spreading awareness of ADHD. All this is VERY laudable & I commend Adam for it. To be juggling all of these projects & STILL be a voice, championing for those in our Tribe truly takes skill, & Adam has shown he is more than up to the task. I encourage you to follow Adam on Twitter. His handle there is @adamlevine

This is but one example of someone that has ADHD & utilized that sharp part of the double-edged sword to propel themselves to GREAT heights & NOT let it be a stigma with which they are seemingly destined by others or society to lead a “less than” life”. Adam is 36 years young & I can only imagine what’s next given his amazing talent. As mentioned, he is an amazing recording artist! I HIGHLY recommend you to listen to his great music if you haven’t done so already. Kudos to this amazing star in our ADHD Tribal family that continues to shine brighter & brighter!

I will continue with the theme on featuring other amazing individuals who have helped humanity with their inherent gift of ADHD as the month continues. Meanwhile, remember, YOU are part of this family & YOU are capable of all of this & so much more!

Be well my fellow Pack/Tribespeople – Mauro Bagnariol


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